What is a Christian Worker? The Christian at work, in whatever occupation she or he may have? Shopkeeper or warehouseman? Teacher or plumber? Carer or social worker? Does it refer to the fact that the person is a Christian, and how that fact influences what she or he does at work, and how they do it? Or is it a very specific kind of Christian worker? One employed by the church or mission or simply having volunteered, in spreading the word of God as mediated through His son, Jesus Christ?

In fact, there need be no doubt, no dichotomy, no question. For all is one. The Christian faith is not something apart, something to be thought about and spoken of only when in church. If it means anything, being a Christian means giving witness anywhemaxresdefault (7)re and at any time. Workshop or classroom, mission hall or boardroom, Christians are Christians and, while they don’t force their faith down other people’s throats, they don’t hide it, either. In a time when to say that one believes may be to invite ridicule, Christians do not conceal their faith.

So that’s what a Christian worker does? Tells people they believe in Christ? Well, no. That is, yes, they do do that, but that is not enough. There is also the question of how they act. The Christian worker behaves at all times in a way that would tell people, even if they never said a word, that they have a way of being and of working, a way of interacting with other people, that comes from the Lord.

This website exists to provide support to Christian workers, whatever work they do.