Bethel Church – Bursting with life

Published on February 28, 2016

In Northern California in the United States, there’s a city called Redding. This city is bursting with life. From the outside – what can be expected from this place in the outskirts of California? Actually, people from all around the world are following the movement of Bethel Church. Increadible testimonies about miracles like healing and salvations are pouring out of Bethel. The name of Jesus is lifted up in amazing worship sessions, streamed around all the world. In their bible school, called Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, a big portion of the worlds nations are beeing represented. Men and women from about 70 countries are studying the Bible, ministering the the residents and just praying for the Kingdom of God to break out.

The senior pastor Bill Johnson, is a sought-after speaker and his humble leadership, formed around testimonies of Jesus love, has created a culture full of honor and love. You can find many blog posts about Bethel and Bill Johnson. Here’s a Swedish blogger: He’s writing about his experience in BSSM (the Bible school).

Bethel Church

People worshipping at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry