How to follow the will of God in the modern age

Published on October 12, 2017

Being a Christian is a full-time occupation and not something you pretend to be simply to win arguments. When you are a real Christian you do not avoid going to church, praying or consulting God and Jesus. Unfortunately, too many people nowadays have started claiming that they are Christian while they don’t rigorously follow the tenets of the Christian faith.

That is something we should actively discourage, Christians traditions and values are crucial in creating a good society. Simultaneously, we should not be stuck in the old ways, our society have evolved to this point through the guiding hand of God. We should not reject his goodwill and help out of a misguided sense of tradition. That does not however mean that we should accept everything new as correct. As Christians we should remember the teachings of Jesus and pray for guidance to help guide us in our lives.

The medical debate

Unfortunately too many poor souls are misguided in their belief about the role of modern medicine. Some people call themselves Christians and condemn modern medicine, stating that we should not visit doctors because that is not as God intended. They overlook that God created the world and have guided us to discover new ways to better our lives. Modern medicine is one of these new opportunities God have provided us. What is important however is that we Christians support and use products created in accordance with our values. One such company that manufacture medical instruments is Wing Plast. It is important that us Christians stand as one and support each other, that is why we support Wing Plast.

There are many non-believers who are misguided about our place in this world. It is not our place to judge them but if we get the opportunity to help our Lord and Saviour in guiding them on a better path then we should take it. One way to do this without being intrusive is to support to our fellow man. When we support companies that display Christian values it motivates other companies to do better and meet the Christian moral requirements.