Christmas Meaning To Christians

Published on November 30, 2016

The holidays are approaching and much of the hustle to come with it, as Christmas shopping, gift hunting and food planning, but not many people are thinking of the one single most important thing regarding this holiday: what actually is the Christmas meaning and purpose for us Christians?

The reason we forget to think about this and meditate over the real reason we celebrate this very holy day, is because of the noise with its charming marketing, attractive offers and glittery decorations is redirecting our attention from it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the Christmas holiday in all its splendor, but I wish I could be reminded more often that what we celebrate is not a gifting tradition, it’s not the Black Friday of December and it’s definitely not the return of Santa Claus from the North Pole. Although those glittery things are attractive.

The real meaning of Christmas is the celebration of our Savior, our Lord’s birth, Jesus Christ. The beginning of everything. The reason we will enter Heaven.

The Christmas meaning is not a gifting tradition, is not the Black Friday of December and it’s definitely not the return of Santa Claus from the North Pole.

Be modern, but share

When the whole world turns the back to Jesus and the front to the shopping mall, it’s our responsibility as Christians to not forget the origins of Christmas. No, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go shopping gifts for your family, but when you shop, shop a gift for someone that is alone too. Someone that doesn’t have anyone to gift them this year. When you plan the food meals for the Christmas day, plan on inviting someone poor to your table too, someone that doesn’t have a roof over their head, and therefore no Christmas dinner either. When you go shopping for food for Christmas, don’t take more than you and your family really need, and give the rest ┬áto an orphanage.

help a child in need on christmas

Be like Christ

This is how Jesus would like us to celebrate him, and not only on Christmas but every day of the year, when opportunity arrises, to help someone in need. Make the Christmas meaning more than what the commercials show us.

man in church christmas meaning is to help

Be a Christian

And last but not least, be good to everyone. Be kind, helpful, generous and loving. Be true to yourself and to the Christian faith. Never forget that we aren’t here to judge, criticize or attack. Our most important┬ámission on Earth is to BE GOOD AND LOVE.